Project and partners

The main goal of the CLUE innovation project is the development of an efficient electrolyzer for durable electrochemical conversion of CO2 to ethylene using realistic and industrially-relevant CO2 streams and highly stable and efficient electrodes based on mono- and bimetallic deposited clusters.

Clusters for CO2 electrolyzers to ethylene

CLUE proposes to reach these ambitious goals by bringing together the unique expertise and skill-sets in Flanders ranging from novel catalyst development (KUL), characterization (UA-EMAT), application testing and process development on this multidisciplinary topic (UA-ELCAT and VITO).

The CLUE consortium is an interdisciplinary high level group of experts on the totality of the required technical and scientific disciplines necessary for the successful execution of CLUE. Those disciplines include materials synthesis (KUL, VITO), advanced characterization (KUL, UA-EMAT, UA-ELCAT), electrocatalysis (UA-ELCAT, VITO), reactor design and scale up (UA-ELCAT, VITO).

The value chain considered in this project consists of 4 steps (i) the production of renewable energy, (ii) the capture of CO2 from either a point source (e.g. from chemical industry, steel, cement, but also biogas installations are possible) or air, (iii) the production of ethylene from CO2 and water, and finally (iv) the transformation of ethylene into its numerous derivatives.

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